How Does it Work?

 We’ve done all the hard work in setting up a cutting-edge fundraising affiliate program to ensure your experience is as simple as possible, while still providing dependable referral tracking.

 Step 1: You provide your custom affiliate link or affiliate code to a local business owner.

Step 2a: The business owner follows your affiliate link to the sign up page and they are connected to you (using things like cookies and IP tracking) as a referred business, even if they don’t make a purchase on their initial visit.

Step 2b: Or, the business owner goes to and enters your affiliate code to receive a discount when signing up for a paid plan. By using your affiliate code, that business is connected to you as a referred business.

Step 3: You’re affiliate account is credited with 40% of the referred business’s purchase.

 Earn a 40% Recurring Commission!

Help your favorite local businesses get the word out about their goods and services…and get rewarded for your efforts!

Our system will track your referrals and we’ll pay you a 40% commission on all purchases made by businesses you refer.

High Conversion Rates = More Money!

By providing maximum benefit at a reasonable cost, our plans generate very high conversion rates. This means you have a great opportunity to earn by recruiting businesses to!

Long Term Referral Tracking.

When you refer a business using your affiliate link, you can rest easy knowing you will be credited when that business signs up with us. Even if a referred business visits us once using your link and then comes back to purchase six months later without using your link, you will still be credited for the referral!

It’s Really That Easy! You Refer Businesses to Us, We Send You Money!

We’ve made the whole process as easy as possible. You can be set up as a fundraiser affiliate and ready to begin referring business to in as little as five minutes.

Start Making Money Now!

Signing up as a fundraiser affiliate is quick, easy, and completely FREE.

Start earning commissions for referring businesses to today!

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